Here are some of the services we provide our clients.

Value Improvement Program

Our flagship offering begins by determining the value of the owner's business investment and how best to grow that value. We measure current business performance and potential performance in the objective, financial language of the investor. We assist the owner to take an objective, independent look at the drivers of value for their business and establish an action plan to grow that value. 

  • Strategy development
  • Scorecard and performance metrics
  • Quarterly performance review and analysis
  • Performance monitoring, coaching and management
  • Executive and leadership team assessment and development
  • Board development
  • Performance assessments
    • Line of business
    • Customer base 
    • Pricing 
    • Operations and lean
    • Preparation for sale and value enhancement
  • Pre-transaction due diligence
  • Post transaction performance improvement
  • Board meeting preparation


Customer Satisfaction

Starting with the customer is efficient. It focuses time and resources on retaining customers, expanding share of wallet and driving referrals. Customer satisfaction research, as we practice it, uncovers pricing opportunities, improvement opportunities and ideas for innovation.

  • Customer research/account management integration
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Price value gap
  • Net promoter score
  • Major strengths and needed improvements
  • Process performance information
  • Sales and selling for customer service
  • Customer services recovery
  • Management of customer satisfaction improvement initiatives
  • Customer satisfaction performance measurement
  • Customer listening posts and dialog analytics


Pricing Performance Improvement

Price leaks and selling the value proposition produce cash and earnings quickly, with minimal disruption, often within 90 days. By contrast, a strategic program to develop pricing excellence will reach across much of the organization, raising awareness and improving pricing related processes. The level of depth, detail and cultural shift involved in a strategic pricing program offers the company on-going opportunities for improvement that will reward effort and produce even greater impact than quick hit efforts.

  • Pricing strategy development
  • Pricing opportunity assessment
  • Price leak identification and elimination
  • Selling on value
  • Contract review
  • Process redesign
  • Controls and authority assessment
  • Discount controls review
  • Competitive and market price analysis and improvement
  • Price increase implementation


Sales and Selling

Having a properly tuned sales capability requires a strategy appropriate to customers, the market, industry and company lines of business. Aligning sales strategy with these important factors and aligning the sales team with the strategy drives sales performance and growth like nothing else. A combination of changes to strategy, processes, tactics, and talent achieves sales performance improvement goals.

  • Sales strategy
  • Process improvement
  • Value proposition development and training
  • Talent alignment with sales strategy
  • Sales team and management performance coaching and skills development
  • Account targeting
  • Strategic account planning
  • Sales and account management
  • Sales and customer service coaching and workshops
  • Sales management and reporting including scorecards
  • Proposal development assistance