We teach business owners how to grow the value of their businesses.  This is more than just growing sales. Some businesses can't grow their value by selling more of what they already sell. Most businesses can grow value without growing sales.  For each client, we determine the highest, best use of time and money to build equity value.


Our Process


Assess current value, 
potential business
performance and owner satisfaction


Define equity value
goal, improvement
plan, objectives
and timetable


Build required
business team, decision making tools and processes


Optimize business
performance and
manage to equity value goal

This is a game changer!
— Owner and Redbank client

What Our Clients Have Achieved

  • Grow revenue 30% doubling equity value
  • Convert 10% of revenue to EBITDA increasing equity value by 50%
  • Double equity value to $10 Million in 3 years
  • Shift owner operator to owner investor in order to allow enough time to write his book
  • Found $1 million warehouse savings
  • Improve customer satisfaction from 7 out of 10 to nearly 9 out of 10 in two years
  • Teach their teams how to lead, learn and grow themselves and their earnings
  • Eliminate costly vendor failures
  • Created a multigenerational strategy for growing and managing equity value