No Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothing

There is a Norwegian adage; “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.”  I was reminded of this adage this morning as I was out in the rain, in my North Face Drizzle, taking photos of rain hitting the surface of a pond in our neighborhood.

Of course, this principle applies to business as well.  Change is a constant in the world and business is no exception.  We all experience it daily.  Sometimes the change appears to be a tailwind boosting us along.  Sometimes we perceive it as a headwind slowing progress or impeding profits. 

As we perceive change as negative, it can be very useful, strategic in fact, to ask ourselves; “How can I use the wind that I have?” Sailors must do this if the wind is a headwind.  They tack back and forth to get where they want to go, even though the wind might be blowing in exactly the wrong direction.  Progress may not be as quick, but the wind is free and it will get you home no matter where shore is.